Donkey Work

Following my comment yesterday about my fabbo new online shop, a couple of my readers have suggested that you might like to read more about how it all works. The fact that they’re both directors of the parent company has nothing to do with it (OK Carol, you can stop twisting my arm now, I’m doing it, OK?).

ShopDonkey is run by the OriginalDonkey Company, the same people responsible for the world’s fabbest donkey-themed puzzle website, so you can tell it’s going to be good. They’ve done all the hard work so that if you want your own online shop, selling things like T-shirts, mouse mats, coasters, and of course moogs…sorry, mugs…1, all you need to do is design the artwork to go on them, upload it to the ShopDonkey website, and you’ve done most of the hard work. A few more steps, like deciding exactly which products you want to sell, and what you want your shop to be called, and you’re there. The lovely ShopDonkey people have arranged everything else – printing, postage, taking payment, guarantees and customer returns, the whole nine yards, and having set up your shop, all you have to do is sit back, relax and cream off the profits. As a guide, setting up my shop took about 2½ hours, of which 2 hours were spent designing the artwork2.

As an unsolicited testimonial (well, almost unsolicited – Carol, will you PLEASE let go of my arm), ShopDonkey really is an easy way to set up a UK based online shop, and if you’d like to sell logo’d goods with no setup charges and no minimum order, and very little effort on your part apart from the design, you should go for it.

Oh, and at the moment, my profits only represent 0.000122% of the cost of a caribbean island, so please visit my fabbo shop and buy something.

1 Sorry…that reference will only be understood by those who’ve heard Sam H’s voiceover for the ShopDonkey ad
2 I know it doesn’t look like 2 hours work – I had a bit of a hissy fit with Photoshop and had to start again :-(

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