Another Full Day

Well, what a day! A successful Raynet event, followed by three geocaches, a trig point, and the mighty Pompey beating Southampton 4 – 1 (PS to Mark the Buddhist – you were wrong!). So much for the headlines, now for those stories in detail.

Most of the morning was spent at the Marwell 10k Road Race – the picture shows our second-youngest group member, Holly, running the control station from the Gruntmobile. The Raynet group provided communications cover to the event, and all seemed to go fairly well, which was good (sepcial note for Jenny: the Hospital Radio people there were Ken, Claire and Andy the Bear, plus 2 others you don’t know). That finished just as Pompey were scoring their second goal (heh heh), and then, of course, I went caching.

I drove very close to C It’s Hidden on Friday night, but I was on my way to Elly’s and didn’t stop. It was a great walk this afternoon, with good views over the Hampshire countryside, and I found the two stages without trouble.

Oh, and it was while I was walking back to the car from this one that I got the text message telling my that the Mighty Pompey had prevailed over Saints 4 – 1. Who’s singing “There’s only one team in Hampshire” now then? :-)

You might remember that several weeks ago I found the first four caches in the “Four Winds” series – my second cache for today was Force Nine, the final one. This was a good cache too, with plenty to see on the way. Luckily I had no trouble finding it, as I’d left the cache page and accompanying clue at home.

The last one for the day was Millenium Sails II: Coincidentally when I came to log this one I discovered the last finders had been our friends Lady H and the CBs. I parked in a nearby public car park – having been round a roundabout three times looking for the way in – and walked to the cache, finding it with little trouble. I grabbed a trig point on the way back to the car, and then it started raining. I was glad to get home and enjoy my Chinese takeaway, which I thought I’d earned.

Yawn – g’night one and all

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