My Mum

Today chums, I didn’t go geocaching.

Nor did I go trigpointing, walking-in-the-country or any of them things. There’s not much in life that’s more important than geocaching, but one of the few things that definitely is, is taking your Mum out to lunch, especially when she’s not been well lately and hasn’t felt like going out. Lunch today was her idea, so I attacked the Gruntmobile to make sure there was room for her to get in – it gets a bit cluttered sometimes – and that the boot was empty enough for her bedding plants and other bits of shopping.

So, we had lunch at the White Swan, where she hoovered up three courses in an amazing time, for someone who’s not had much appetite lately. The we went to the garden centre, and had tea in the cafeteria. A good day.

Ooh, and I forgot to mention – I weighed myself this morning. I thought I’d lost an amazing amount of weight in the last week, then I remembered to let go of the towel rail, and the weekly loss became a bit more believeable. Still, I’ve lost almost 11 kilos since I started, so that can’t be a bad thing.

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