OK, ten out of ten for good advice, but minus several million for grammar, yeah? The last part of the sign read “This sign is owned by Hampshire Constabulary” – the temptation to nick it was very strong, but I resisted nobly.

Today was fun – I arrived at work to find the factory had been broken down since six that morning, then I was asked to visit a new distribution centre we’re about to open (on Sunday) just up the road, to sign off all the health and safety measures. I produced a list of things-to-do a page long.
“But surely we don’t have to do all this before we open?”
“But that’s impossible”
“Should have asked me sooner then shouldn’t you?”
“How are we going to do it?”
“Well put it this way…I finish at four o’clock today, but I don’t think you’re going to”.

Once I escaped from work I went for a cache: I’d been debating which of two or three I was going for – in the end I rejected all the possibilities and went for Capital Hill, a magnificent walk along a ridgetop with views for miles in all directions. AND there was a trigpoint to log – I think the three I’ve done this month will make this my best month to date for trigpoint scores. On the way home I called in at the home of Elly, a really nice guy and the only man in geocaching balder than me. He’d offered me two ammo boxes to make into caches, so I called in to pick them up.

And one last thing – does anyone know what these are? Answers in the comments please. But I’m looking for something a bit more detailed than “flowers”, please :-)

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