Guess What?

Guess what I did after work this evening? It was a lovely sunny evening in the New Forest, and I’d had one of them days at work…

Well actually, you’re only half right – I went for a walk and logged a trig point while I was out. I found one of those lovely New Forest bogs to get my work trousers nice and muddy (I wonder if anyone’ll notice tomorrow?), but I had a three mile walk and saw loads of ponies, some nice scenery, half a dozen little bunnies and only a couple of other people. The trig point itself was only a little off the road, but it’s in an area I tend to whizz by at high speed – being one of the few New Forest roads to have a 60MPH limit rather than 40 – rather than stopping to linger.

Of course, while I was passing so close it would have been rude not to have done the new geocache Rock Hill, wouldn’t it?

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