And the Result…

A few weeks ago, I posted a picture of me looking young, and invited you to guess when it was taken. Only one of you got it right – SarahJT – and she was there at the event where it was taken.

The occasion was the Hospital Radio Christmas Special, which happened on 24th December 1989. I was 26 in the picture. We set up a temporary studio in the foyer of the General Hospital, and broadcast a whole day of programmes from there. A cable about 200 metres long was run through false ceilings above corridors, gents’ toilets and the porters’ staff room, to provide the link back to the studio: Kit was begged and borrowed from all over the place – a local audio shop loaned two turntables (which had already been purchased by one of our team for his own use); a major local civil service agency built the furniture to our design, and my employers loaned a “Mighty Twuck” to transport it all around.

Nowadays, with link technology commonplace and most hospital radio stations doing stuff like this, it would all be thought of as nothing special, but at the time it was real cutting edge stuff which had never been done before. Ah, happy days!

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