Another Friday

I miss all the fun.

There’s been a car parked in the cutway at the back of the house for over a week now. Those of you who’ve discovered the link to the new webcam page (hint – it’s through the gallery) will have spotted it on the GardenCam, squatting on the concrete outside my neighbour’s garage. Last night, while I was at Hospital Radio, it mysteriously caught fire. Apparently there were Police, and Fire Engines, and all sorts going on. Wish I’d left the webbycammy running, but there you go.

Somehow, while at Hospital Radio, I also managed to upset a friend of mine. I’ll say no more than that – it’s funny, we were only discussing in the chatroom yesterday, how you have to be careful what you blog about because you never know who’s going to be reading…

I suppose it’ll come as no surprise that after work today I went geocaching. On the first one – Sitting Bull – I was accompanied by Rockin’ Rob for the walk around a local country park, and very restful it all was too – well, as restful as a 3½ mile walk can be. Once we’d done this one, Rob headed off to join the Lovely Miche for fish ‘n chips, while I went and did the newly-planted Hexagons. I just hope no-one who knows me spotted me at the first location for this one.

Have a nice weekend, all :-)

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