Linda Walker

During my recent rant about Tony Blair1 I briefly referred to the story of Linda Walker.

Mrs Walker is a sepcial needs teacher in Manchester, and following repeated break-ins at her home, vandalism and threatening phone calls, one evening she snapped and stormed out into the street with an air pistol (for our forrin readers, it isn’t illegal in the UK to own an air pistol2, and doesn’t require a licence). In the course of her confrontation with the hooligans, she fired a pellet into the pavement. For this wanton act of public violence she’s lost her job, and is currently in prison (see this story) while the thugs who made her life a misery are free, and probably tormenting other people on the estate, secure not only in the knowledge that the Police won’t touch them, but that the courts are actually on their side as well. What chance is there now that anyone else will dare to attempt to defend themselves against these scum?

Regular Blogring readers will already know about Simon being hounded from his home by local yobbery, and anyone who knows me personally will have heard about the constant vandalism suffered by the Hospital Radio studios, and members’ cars parked outside. I’m not blaming the Police for the situation – they do a bloody hard job under horrible circumstances, and most of them give it their best3, but – as with the policeman in Simon’s tale – they’re bound by ridiculous rules from above that have given all the rights to the criminals and none to their victims, while so-called “civil libertarians”4 scream in horror at any attempt to restore order.

I really meant this blog to be a rage against the system rather than a political statement, but I can’t help reflecting that there’s one mainstream party – who ten years ago I’d never have supported – who’ve promised to reverse the tide.

1 aka The Patronising Prat, the Grinning Monkey etc.
2 Yet. Give the bleeding heart liberals enough time and it’ll probably be illegal to own a kitchen knife.
3 Fair play, there’s a few bad apples in every barrel.
4 What about the liberty of everyone to lawfully enjoy their home in peace and quiet?

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