New Cache

Well, my new cache went live today.

And at eight o’clock this morning, the first finder had logged it! Fair play, Rockin’ Rob knew last night that it had been placed so it was a fair bet that it was going live this morning, but even so, that’s dedication! The cache is called Blog Standard: Blogger’s Bog, as I told you the other day, and I’m really pleased with it – it’s a nice walk, and Rob confirmed that I got the co-ordinates and all the maths right, and he thought the hiding place was a good one – what more can you want!

Well, loads of things, and I know how to get them – today’s conversation in the chatroom took a political turn, and the choice seems to be between Simon and Henners for Prime Minister. Simon is promising free money and personal slaves for all his friends, which is pretty attractive: On the other hand everyone who votes for Henry gets a free mansion and a wheelbarrow full of money. I think based on the promises I’ve seen so far, Simon wins on his Crime Prevention policy – basically all Essex Scumbags called Fat Trevor are going to be rounded up and shot in the head.

AND he offered me my own choice of personal slave…

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