Today’s competition is simply this: When was this picture taken? As a clue, I think of my current readers1, only two of you knew me then. I know the exact date, so guesses in the comments, and I’ll think of something stupid and of no monetary value for the winner :-)

I started off going through all my old photos, and scanning any which I thought might be of use to the Stuograph Project, but soon realised that I was storing boxes and boxes of pics that I never look at: I’m now scanning everything2 and either offering the originals to anyone I think might want them, or binning them: I hate throwing photographs away, which is part of the reason why I’ve got so many, but I can scan the lot, burn them to CD and store them in a fraction of the space. And if they’re easy to get at, I’m more likely to look at them.

There’ll almost certainly be more really embarrassing old pics of me in due course.

Oh yes, I knew there ws something else. Thanks to Sarah for this…

Which flock do you follow?

this quiz was made by alanna

1 Those readers I know about, anyway.
2 And yes, it’s taking ages.

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