Two More Days

As I write this, I’m halfway between the operation, and stitches-out day! That’s when I may be able to drive again, may be able to use a computer keyboard normally (for short periods at least), and will be able to shower normally – which means that if I can’t do any of those other things, I’ll at least be able to go to the gym.

Yesterday, for a sepcial treat, I went to the Building Soc to pay in an expenses cheque which work had kindly posted to me, and then caught the bus into the town centre where after considerable research and a bit of shopping-around I bought a new digital camera.
It was more than I wanted to spend, but it has everything I wished it’s predecessor had – decent resolution, optical zoom lens1, and a number of manual modes so I don’t have to accept the automatic “take this setting or lump it” thing. But sadly, it does mean no expensive present for the Gruntmobile, although I have found a cheap source for something I’ve wanted to get it for a while – stand by for a progress report.

Today has been spent providing telephone IT support to work2, and researching on the intermaweb: I’m being taken geocaching on Saturday, so I’ve sorted out some information we need for that, and I’ve also found bus-time information for the beer festival being held this weekend at the pub of the wonderful “Lois in the Tavern”.

Blood tests tomorrow. I can’t wait.

1 I learned the expensive way that digital zoom is rubbish

2 Yes, even though I’m off sick, and I’m not IT anyway

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