Looking Back

Since I’m getting more used to typing one-handed (and since the wonderful MMM reminded me about sticky keys), I thought I’d give you a better description of Thursday’s goings-on, to complement that blogged by Elly.

Ellers himself collected me in his fabbo car, and we had a nice drive across the New Forest: I suppose that, considering I know the Forest pretty well, and Elly knows it hardly at all, I could have managed a more interesting running commentary…
“Dysdera’s new geocache is just up that road there”
“One of Bill D’s multi-caches starts in that car park”
“That footpath leads to a cache owned by Nobby Nobbs1“.

Anyway, we got to the hospital and Elly headed for home. I should, at this point, mention that I have changed my opinion of the hospital – I’ve upgraded them from “Rubbish Hospital” to “Nice Hospital with Rubbish Admin Department”. I had an individual room to myself, with en-suite bathroom, satellite telly etc, and a non-stop succession of medical staff checking I was happy, feeling OK and so on. When operation time came I was walked down to theatre and talked through the process (which I shan’t detail here, for the sake of any squeamish readers), and from walking into the operating theatre to walking back out, the whole process only took about half an hour.

Back in my room I was offered a drink, to which I agreed, expecting a plastic cup of water – I was given tea. In a pot. With a proper cup and saucer, a little jug of milk, and a plate of biscuits2.

Then I sat in the lounge for a while with the Times crossword, trying not to die of frustration at my inability to hold a pen, then Elly arrived and drove me home. And that’s the story. This morning I went for a walk to “Range” and “Halfords”, and I think I might have another in a minute: It’s too nice an afternoon to be stuck indoors watching the Malaysian Grand Prix qualifying…

1 That’s his caching name, not his real one.
2 Which I’d have normally refused as being non-diabetic-friendly, obviously. But when the hospital give you stuff, you have to accept – don’t you?

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