Your correspondent is generally pretty fearless.

OK, there are some things I’m frightened of – pain is one, also big doggies, little doggies, a good nagging from my Mum1, and Portsmouth never winning again. The cause of current trembling2 is, of course, tomorrow’s operation. Firstly they’re going to stick a big needle in me, then they’re going to cut me open and do things. Oh, and the only conversation I got out of my so-called workmates all day was “Did you see that programme about the botched operations the other night?“. Even more unwelcome was the text message from the boss mid afternoon: “Before you go, can you just write a Health and Safety action plan for the whole site for the next year and email it to me?“. Well, I did it, but I’ve no idea what he’s going to say when he sees it.

Rather better was the phone call from the rubbish hospital: They’ve had to reschedule tomorrow’s operations, so I now don’t need to be there until mid-morning3. At the same time, they told me that they’d made a mistake in my call-in letter, and because it’s a local anaesthetic I don’t have to fast either.

So – no idea when I’ll next blog under my own power: I’m hoping (although I forgot to ask) that Elly will do a guest blog tomorrow night, ‘cos having chauffeured me to and from the hospital, he’ll be ideally placed to let you all know what happened. After that I’ve got a few pre-prepared LazyBlogs that I should be able to post with just a few mouse clicks. I’ll type something as soon as I can, honest…

1 Although you’d think I’d be used to it by now.
2 And rather more frequent visits to the smallest room than would be considered normal
3 To the relief of both me and my chauffeur, the wonderful Elly.

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