As you can see, the Gruntmobile passed its MOT test today.

To be precise, it failed, was fixed, and then passed, but it’s all the same thing in the end. Especially as the total bill came to fifty-three squids, including the MOT – it originally failed on emissions, so the nice garage people bunged a tenner’s worth of Redex Diesel Treatment through it, retested it and it passed! So, the Grunty is road legal for another year.

I’ve got a dilemma now: I promised the Gruntmobile a present if it passed without costing too much, but what would it like? I thought of a personalised numberplate – GRUNT 1 or something – but the chatroom crowd told me that’d be a pretty chavtastic thing to do, so that’s out. Obvious Gruntmobile accessories like a mighty meaty winch, or huuuuuge spotlights on the front, are the next things to come to mind, but I dunno.

All suggestions gratefully received. Oh, and by the way, the depression of yesterday has lifted, partly because of MOT-passingness, and partly because I noticed that the feeling-rubbish started at the same time I started on these new blood pressure pills – of which more later, hopefully. Knowing what was causing it has lifted much of the cloud all on its own :-)

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