You’ll have to excuse me if today’s offering is an even bigger load of old toffee than normal, but I’ve been up since six this morning and sleep deprivation is starting to make me a bit mggle wmph pfft mwahahah LOOK! A SIX FOOT WHITE RABBIT!…

Err, sorry about that, I think I’m back under control now. Anyway, the reason for my exceptional getting-upness was that my Raynet group were operating on a horse riding event at Rockbourne this morning:It’s about as far from my house as you can get and still be in the group’s coverage area, so I had to allow an hour to get there, plus of course the boring diabetes-related food régime means I have to have breakfast before I leave home, rather than getting to the event and hitting the bacon sandwich wagon. You’ll be pleased to know the event went well – a young lady fell from her horse at my checkpoint, but was soon back on her feet and everything was OK. And I got to do some off-roading in the Gruntmobile, and I managed to get some pictures for Stu’s Alternative Geograph Project. I’ll upload them next time I’m awake.

Not only that, but the event finished on time, which doesn’t always happen, so I had time to go geocaching afterwards: First on the list was a fairly new one just down the road from the event, The Mill Walk, a nice walk to a cache cunningly hidden in a little wood. Then I went and had my second attempt at How Many Bridges?: The first time I tried this one (on my way to my pre-op check at the Rubbish Hospital1) I’d actually seen the cache, but the fact that I was in my nice work clothes prevented the degree of grovelling necessary to retrieve it and sign the log book. Today I was in my oldest and tattiest (not necessarily distinguishable from my nice work clothes to the untrained eye), so I wasn’t so shy. And then on my way home I stopped for another new one, Oops!!!!! – I really hope this one survives, it’s in a bit of a public area and while there’s not much chance of someone looking in the hiding place by chance, come the summer it’ll be difficult to retrieve without attracting the attention of non-cachers, and it only takes one of them to be a bit curious, and of disruptive intent, and the cache is trashed.

So that’s why I’m tired. And now, I’m showered, I’ve had my chinese takeaway2, and Jethro Tull are playing “”Fylingdale Flyer”, so all is good.


1 Who haven’t contacted me yet, by the way.
2 Consisting of items taken from the “What diabetics can eat without dying of boredom” list, so that’s OK.

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