Facial Hair Update Part 3

I think it’s starting to get somewhere.

Today I went to the library. Not normally an earth-shattering or blogworthy event, but Shirley Library has been shut for ages while the area was being redeveloped, and today was the second day of reopening. It was absolutely flippin’ packed. Apparently they’ve got a whizzo new feature where you can check out your own books to save queueing, but the librarians were all too busy dealing with the queue to show anyone how to use it.

While I was out, I also bought some sweetener and some diabetic chocolate, then I went to the health food shop where I was served by a very nice young lady: Checking my receipt when I got home I discovered I was served by Carl. Hmm. Anyway, the point of buying all this stuff was to have a go at making diabetic fudge – which was basically my usual fudge recipe, but using sugar-free ingredients. It’s turned out a bit gritty, but I’m more worried about the fact that I don’t think it’s going to set.

Baddest thing today was an email from my mate Mark: You’ll remember I’ve blogged before about how he’s got prostate cancer, and apparently it isn’t responding that well to treatment, and is, in fact, spreading. Big ups and positive thoughts, mate…

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