A Day of Two Halves

This morning I saw my doctor.

He checked over loads of things, and gave me some dietary advice, and some medication for my blood pressure. He basically says that although I need to be careful (as opposed to “strict”) about blood sugar, I ought to be able to manage both the diabetes and the blood pressure with some weight loss, which is good news – a return to chocolate one day may be on the cards. He also told me that the hospital may well want to delay my operation, since I’ve been diagnosed as diabetic – he thought they might want to reschedule it as an overnight stay rather than day surgery, so they could monitor my blood sugar levels. Anyway, once I got to work, I phoned the rubbish hospital:
Phone: Ring ring, ring ring
Voice: Hello, Rubbish Hospital, can I help?
Me: *Explains*1
Voice: Who is your consultant?
Me: The Swedish Chef out of The Muppet Show
Voice: Hold on, I’ll put you through

Phone: *Rings for ages, then makes that funny noise that means the call has diverted to another phone*

Voice 2: Hello, Sister
Me: *Explains* 2
Voice 2: Oh, I should just come on in, I’m sure it’ll be OK

I’m going to contact them again to make sure.

After work…well, it’s Friday, so I finished early and went geocaching. First call was an attempt at Dips, near the top of my “Nearest Not Found” list, and I think it’ll stay there for a while: It’s a bit of a scramble up and down a steep bank, and I didn’t really get even near to the cache.

More fun was had a few miles North at A Hunton We Will Go, where the picture above was taken. It’s a nice walk through some woods alongside a little chalk stream (the infant River Dover, from which Andover gets its name), and I really enjoyed it :) .

And now I’m going to flop in front of the Bond film for a few minutes. G’night all.

1 Nobly resisting the temptation to say “I shouldn’t think so”
2 Nobly resisting the temptation to say “…and don’t call me Sister”

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