Facial Hair part 2

You’ll recall that I haven’t shaved for a week. As requested, a photographic progress report – I’ll try to keep them coming: I’ll also try to take some better pics than this in future.

Today was a good day: I slept late, then tootled off to the barbers this morning. Apart from being a Southampton supporter, my barber is a good bloke and we kept up a fair stream of barberly conversation, covering all sorts of subjects. Then I met my good chums Gill and Geoff for lunch: They live in Tunbridge Wells but are down visiting Southampton for the weekend, and unlike some friends of mine (cough MMM cough), they told me they were coming. Anyway, we had a nice pub lunch and Gill (being a district nurse) was able to advise me on what I could eat. Guess what – I can have ice cream! Not, I suspect, for every meal, but it followed the turkey quite nicely. Then we went to a hobby shop that Gill wanted to visit, followed by a less successful outing to another shop (it was shut when we got there). Finally, an hour wandering around Romsey, before they took me back to the pub where I’d left my car in the car park. I hope they got back to the hotel OK – I last saw them going the wrong way at the traffic lights, but that was ages ago and they haven’t phoned me for help, so I presume they’re OK.

This will be my last blog for a while – I’m off on a course tomorrow, and although the hotel has wi-fi, the last time I tried to use it, it didn’t work all that well (for which read, “at all”) . However, a stunning array of guest bloggers has been lined up to entertain you – treat them gently and play nicely while I’m gone, and I’ll see you all soon.

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