A lot has happened today.

As far as life-changing events are concerned, the main one was the phone call from the doctor, telling me that my blood test results show that I’m diabetic. Oh joy. The good news is that it’s very early stages, and is the type that can be controlled with diet – no need for drugs or anything – so there’s every chance that I’m not going to find I get bits dropping off or anything. I went straight off to Amazon and found a book called “Diabetic sweets, treats and fun eats”. It’s got a picture of salad on the front. SALAD??? If that’s their idea of fun things to eat, I may be asking for my money back.

The better news is that after work I did several sections of the giant multi-cache South Downs Shenanigans. I’ve got all the clues now, and I’ve worked out where I think the final cache is – just got to return and collect it!

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