Facial Hair part 1

I forgot to shave on Sunday night.

Not a disaster, and normally I’d have buzzed the electrickery razor round my face before heading off to work on Monday morning, but I had an early start (which was a right waste of time, but that’s another story) so once again I forgot. Then Monday night and Tuesday morning I failed to shave, this time on purpose. Manoevering a razor round your face, when your dominant wrist doesn’t work properly, isn’t easy, and I always either miss a bit or cut myself, so I’m experimenting to see what happens if I just let it grow. It’ll be a bit of a pain at work – I’ll have to wear a face mask thing every time I go into the production area – so I doubt if I’ll keep it once I’ve had my wrist done (assuming that ever happens), but it’ll do for now.

I’m just a bit worried that if it grows too bushy I’ll look like I’ve got my head on upside down.

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