Progress Report

I thought you’d all be interested in a progress report on my Lent Discipline.

And anyway, I can’t think of anything else to blog about, so that’s what you’re getting. As you’ll remember from last week, my contribution to the Lent fast is “I will not buy chocolate to eat at work“. That sounds like a cop-out, but given how addicted I am to chocolate i thought I’d be doing pretty flippin’ well to stick to that, never mind giving it up altogether. Anyway, we’re six working days into Lent and so far I’ve eaten one chocolate bar – and that was bought for me, so technically doesn’t count. I nearly weakened yesterday after that phone call from the hospital, but kept it together – just. Next Monday will be tricky, I’ve got meetings all over the place and the temptation to grab some convenience energy food on the go will be a bit strong. The following week will be even harder – I’m away on a course and will technically be at work from mid-afternoon Sunday to mid-evening the following Friday.

Anyway, not really relevant to Lent, but I’ve also given up my morning bacon sandwich for breakfast1, I’ve started eating vegetables2, and I’ve almost given up caffeine. I just wish I could stay awake.

1Where “given up” = “Only had one this week”
2Not at every meal, obviously

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