101 things to do with a silly hat on a rainy day

Sorry chums, wristy sore so another pre-prepared LazyBlog today. You could always go and look at the Gallery, I’ve done some more work on that…

This blog post fulfils the assignment 101 things to do with a silly hat on a rainy day at lazyblog.org. You can rate it here.

101 is a heck of a lot, isn’t it? I’ve already used the device of doing five (which in binary is 101) in another blog list, so I can’t see me getting away with that again…

Of course, if the rainy day is Friday then you’re in luck because you can make the silly hat part of your costume for the Dressing Up Game on SimonG’s fabbo website. It doesn’t really matter if the hat doesn’t go with the theme – you’re still more likely to win than Simon. Or if it’s a weekend, you could wear it to keep your head dry while geocaching. If your roof leaks, you could turn the hat upside down and use it as a bucket.

Failing those three, I’m starting to run out of inspiration. Of course if you work in food manufacture like wot I do, you’ll be wearing silly hats every day anyway – that’s got to be worth a few more. Or if you manage to blag a day off, you could go to Ascot Races.

Blow it, that’s five. The binary equivalent of which is 101.

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