Today’s challenge was to attend two weddings.

The first – and I’m sorry about the rubbishness of the picture, if someone takes pity and e-mails me a better version I’ll replace it – was my friends Mike and Julie, at my church. The church was pretty full, Julie’s son gave her away, which was nice, and there was a communion afterwards. The ceremony was performed by not one, but two vicars, and the worship band provided the music. AND unlike Christmas Eve the sound system held together with very little howlround, so that was a bonus too.

I had to leave during the final hymn, in order to zip over to Above Bar Church in Southampton, where Geoff and Sarah were getting married: Geoff goes to the same house group as me, and most of our group were there. It’s a lovely modern church with a decent music group, and all the songs were recent ones, which was even better! As you can see, i managed a better picture of this happy couple.

Then I went home to prepare for tomorrow’s business.

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