I did something mind-numbingly stupid today.

I’ve mentioned in several previous blogs my hatred of producing the period-end Health and Safety stats for work: To make things a bit easier, I’ve written myself a spreadsheet which enables me to type in nine figures, and it gives me ten lots of statistics, all neatly calculated and, in all probability, correct. This takes the place of a set of calculations which would previously have taken me an hour, so although the spreadsheet took some putting together (especially as it was the first thing I’d ever done in Excel1), it was worth it.

Anyway, with period end approaching, I thought it would be useful to make the spreadsheet do two more calculations for me: It would produce two statistics that I’ve never been asked for, but it would be really impressive if I was asked and I could produce them straight away.

It took me 45 minutes to write the formulae, type them in, and check and correct them so that I was confident they’d give the answer I wanted2. That was when I noticed that I’d just produced two columns of figures that were identical to the columns next to them. I already had the calculations in that would give me the answers.

On the plus side, tomorrow is the day I have my pre-op assessment at the hospital. And I’ve noticed there’s a cache I haven’t yet done on the route home.

1Excel is the work of the Devil, i.e. Microsoft. They used to let us use Lotus 123, which is much more user-friendly. Then “they” realised it was easy to use, so they took it away.
2Or at least, the answer to the question I wanted to ask. It was never likely to give the answer I wanted.

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