I had a much better night’s sleep last night.

Thanks to all of you and your positive vibes and cyber-hugs and things: Today was a better day, Mum didn’t have as painful a time at the hospital as she was expecting, although she is still referring to next Tuesday (when she gets the results of most of these tests) as “gruesome news day”. Luckily my Aunt has turned up trumps again and has offered to go with her, so she won’t be waiting on her own for me to come and pick her up.

I had a better day at work today as well: The last two days have been taken up with tasks that could have been done by a performing monkey, which I find a bit frustrating when I’ve got plenty of proper work that needs doing. Anyway, I did some real work today, and there was a chicken curry on the canteen menu for lunch, so that was OK. Ooh, and I’ve got a LazyBlog blog typed up and saved as a draft, ready to entertain you one day when I can’t think of anything else.

Oh, and I checked the glove box: The tickets are there.

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