And further…

I forgot to mention that I’ve got an appointment for my pre-op checks, ready for my wrist operation. It’s next Friday afternoon, and I’ve been warned to expect to be there a couple of hours. Luckily this isn’t the one I need lifts to and from – I can drive after this one, it’s the operation itself where I’ll need help. I spent most of today filling in the pre-operative assessment registration forms, involving such questions as who is my doctor, what is my NHS number, how big is my loo and most worryingly, what operation am I in for. If they need me to tell them that, it doesn’t give much confidence does it? I think I might borrow an indelible marker from work and write “THIS ONE” on my right wrist.

Also today, at the third time of trying, I completed the geocache Chark SSID: The first time I tried this one, I had an equipment problem, then last week I ran out of daylight. Got it at last!

Oh, and thanks to my good chum the King of Sweden, this comes from the “Now I’ve seen everything” box.

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