Poking and Prodding

My Mum had to go to the hospital this morning.

You’ll remember that she was taken ill on Boxing Day, and since then the medical profession seems to have decided to test her for everything imaginable, in the hope of diagnosing something: So far she’s had blood tests, an ECG, an ultrasound on her neck, and this morning it was a bone-marrow biopsy. At first she was told that she’d be OK to come home on her own – then yesterday (i.e. when it was too late for me to take today off work) she was told that she may be given Entonox, in which case she’d need to be accompanied afterwards. Luckily my Aunt stepped into the breach. Anyway, results for that take two weeks to come through – next lot of tests is this Friday, I think, although I must admit I’m starting to lose count.

In other news, Rockin’ Rob and I seem to have upset the Powers That Be at Hospital Radio: They’ve just woken up to the fact that we’ve been loading material on to the new system, despite the fact that neither of us has an access password to do so, and not unreasonably they want to know how we’re achieving it. Unfortunately if we tell them they’ll block the loophole – it would be a very easy one to close1 – and then we’d have to wait about ten months for the said Powers That Be who do have the appropriate permissions to do it for us, whenever we needed something new put on. I think we can stall them until we’ve got all the important stuff sorted.

1 So simple, in fact, that it’s pretty worrying that a) the loophole was ever left open, and b) they haven’t already worked it out for themselves.

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