The Tao of Fish

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Although I’m not sure that “fulfils” is quite the right term here. Anyway, according to this website “Tao is a Chinese word which, loosely translated, means “way.” In the English spelling, the initial character is an approximation of a Chinese sound that does not have an exact English equivalent. The most accurate rendition would be a combination “t” & “d” sound, as in “Tdhow.” Many pronounce it “Dow”, as in “Dow Jones” (ie., to rhyme with “how” or “now”).”. So, now we all know how to pronounce it, and what it means, what exactly is “The Tao of Fish”? Well, of course we all know that Fish is the former lead singer of Marillion, and that his real name is Derek Dick, so at least he had the sense to get a better name before trying to become a rock star.

Following his career with Marillion, during which he penned the band’s massive hits “Kayleigh” and “Lavender” among many others, he branched out on his own for what can only be described as a disappointing solo career.

His latest work sees him team up with Miles Copeland (former “Police” manager) and, bizarrely, Rick Astley to produce an album called “Raingods with Zippos”. I can’t see me buying it. I don’t think I’ll be doing much LazyBlogging either, unless millions of people vote for e=me…

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