Well, a generally quiet morning of mongoosing around and not much more really: I overslept, and it just went on from there. I did have a go at tricking SimonG into giving me the answer to a PuzzleDonkey question, but even though he’d only just got up he was too clever for me.

The afternoon, therefore, had to have fun and excitement and really wild things to make up for the morning, and I decided that this would take the form of geocaching. First on the agenda was Sophie’s Choice, a nice multicache wander around some wet bits of the New Forest, made even better by meeting a caching chum at the finish whom I’d previously only met on line, nobby.nobbs. Then on to Elmer’s Oak, a rather shorter walk, but no less wet! The last one for the day was Pine Path, a fairly easy one even though the GPS lost lock under the tree cover. Then to the gym to sit in the steam room for a while before heading home.

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