I’ve blogged before about the reactionary hippopotami at the “Daily Mail”.

Current headline news, both in this and in real newspapers, appears to be that Prince Harry, the twenty-year-old second son of the heir to the throne, went to a fancy-dress party dressed as a WW II German soldier, complete with swastika arm-band. Apparently the only possible atonement for this heinous sin is that he should visit Auschwitz to learn of the horrors of naziism, and make a public televised apology to…well, to everyone who’s been offended.

Let me make it clear: I in no way wish to glorify or promote Naziism, or to underestimate the horrors of what the Nazis did (and still would do, given the chance). But for goodness’ sake, he’s a twenty-year old who went to a fancy dress party: Going dressed as a nazi doesn’t promote naziism, any more than going to a Vicars and Tarts party promotes Vicaring, or going to a Tramps’ Ball promotes SimonG. At least, I hope not – I once went on a charity fundraining pub crawl dressed as a fairy, so goodness knows what the Mail would say about me. If the papers want to tackle naziism, there are plenty of real nazis in the world still – but I guess they’re not such a soft target.

The Daily Mail have really gone to town, listing other actions of the Prince which are unbecoming of the third-in-line to the throne. These included:
1) Kissing his girlfriend
2) Having a friend who smoked cannabis (not smoking it himself, you’ll note, just having a friend who did)
3) Getting drunk to celebrate England winning the Rugby World Cup.
OK, I’ve never kissed Prince Harry’s girlfriend, but I know several people who’ve smoked cannabis and I got drunk when we won the cup (in fact, I watched the game on telly in a pub), and I really can’t see anything there that makes me a bad person.
And in other news, I went caching this evening, having another go at this cache, which was one of my two failures on Sunday. I got a bit further, and I now know the final co-ords (thanks Steve), but by the time I got there it was pitch dark and I only had a crappy torch with me. I’ll return.

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