Money Money Money

So, as predicted, I went to the meeting of the coal-hole club.

We have these meetings in Winchester, and the start time is finely balanced so it’s just not worth going home and coming back, especially as from work, home and Winchester are in opposite directions. So I normally stay a bit late at work, then drive to Winchester, find somewhere nice to have something to eat, then go back and sit in the car to listen to “The Archers” before going to the meeting.

The staying late at work is aimed towards not arriving in Winchester before the start of the free parking period at six. I’ve never known what would happen if I arrived just before six: Would the machine ignore it, would they charge me for the whole parking period, or just for the bit between when I arrived and the start of the free parking? Last night I found out – I got to the car park three minutes before the start of free parking and it cost me one pound bloody twenty.

Still, the pizza was nice, and the meeting went fairly well. Then on the way home I stopped off at work and did a surprise Health and Safety inspection, and then I went home.

And today I managed to book the accommodation for our grand caching Isle of Wight weekend: We’re staying here. Ooh, and this pub is at the end of the driveway.

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