I posted the cheque for my credit card bill.

I also discovered, during my mid-morning cup-of-coffee-and-a-quick-websurf break, that two new geocaches have been planted locally. One is in the New Forest, and may well be saved for a nice day for a walk, but the other is a multicache around a park on the opposite side of Southampton from where I live. “That didn’t ought to take long”, I thought as I escaped from the workplace at the earliest opportunity and headed for the recommended parking place.

The cache details warn against taking short cuts, but I knew better – that may be why my back hurts now. Or it may have been the scrabbling up and down the steep bank looking for the final cache, which I failed to find. But I’ll return.

So, it’s New Year’s Eve, and I’m at home with a glass of wine: I was invited to two parties, but one was in Swansea and I didn’t fancy driving all the way down there after finishing work. The other is in Fawley, much nearer home and I would have gone – ecept I’m now too lobstered to drive.

I would wish you all a Happy New Year, but apparently it’s poor etiquette to do that before midnight. So maybe I’ll do that tomorrow.

Ooh, and thanks to all those who’ve made nice comments about my Mum. She continues to gain strength and normality.

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