Numbers Game

I was tidying my office this morning.

Not, you’ll be pleased to hear, because I yearn for a tidy workplace, but because I know I haven’t paid my latest credit card bill, and I’ve lost it. I normally take “personal admin” stuff like that to work to deal with in my lunch break, but turning the office upside down revealed no unpaid credit card bills.

It did, however, reveal a piece of paper with what seemed like some random names and numbers written on it. I wanted to throw it away, but thought I didn’t ought to in case they turned out to be important, so I set about some research: I had a pretty good idea when I’d scribbled the numbers down, because there were other notes on the same sheet that I could accurately date; also, the names were all those of chatroom chums, which suggested a potentially profitable avenue for further research. Scrolling through the history pages of SimonG’s fabbo chatroom revealed that on the day in question a crowd of us had been assisting Morty with a quiz, the tie breaker question for which required us to guess the number of goals to be scored in the English Premiership, Championship and Divisons one and two, on February 5th. Not only did a few of us guess, but I commented “I’ll shove these guesses up in a blog, so we can refer back to them later and see how wrong we were”.

So, those guesses:
Paul G0TLG: 86
Me: 93
Omally: 47
SimonG: 4

Added later:
Adrian007: 99
Kouros: 104
Hutters: 21
Ned: 43

If anyone else wants to guess, do so in the comments and I’ll transfer them up here for everyone to see.

And the credit card bill? One more search through the pile of junk in the back of the car, and if that doesn’t work I’ll just send them a cheque with a covering letter.

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