Confined to Barracks

After all that fresh air and exercise yesterday, today I’m confined to barracks – or the workplace, as it’s more accurately known. All the fun people in the world have gone to the SimonG meet in Banbury – well, all those in the online community anyway – and I’ve been at work.

I don’t normally mind this bit between Christmas and New Year: It’s more or less accepted in the food industry that every day except Christmas Day is a working day, and in fact last year was the first time in sixteen years that I’ve had the days between Christmas and New Year off. But this morning I REALLY didn’t want to get up, and I’m quite glad it’s been a fairly quiet day.

Of course there are some compensations to working these in-betweenie days: For one thing the drive to work only took half as long as usual this morning, with empty roads, no stupid schoolkids riding bikes, and an almost empty motorway. The canteen have banned anything with turkey in it, and of course, I don’t get any less holiday allowance than anyone else – the difference is that I took these three days earlier in the year when the geocaching weather was much better!

But the main advantage, of course, is the chance to play the martyr and say things like, “It’s expected,” sniff sniff “That we’ll work when everyone else is off enjoying themselves”.

Sympathy accepted gratefully in the usual way.

Oh, and on a serious note, my Mum saw her GP this morning (see Sunday’s blog if you’re not sure what that’s all about): He’s set her up for some tests, but basically confirms that there’s nothing major wrong. Huzzah!

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