Fresh Air and Exercise

Today had been decreed the day when a load of us geocachers were to get together to enjoy fresh air, exercise, and pub food.

On the way there I did The Duck Dash Cache, then after it was all over Doctor Beeching’s Legacy, which as the name suggests is a nice walk along a walking trail made on an old railway track bed. In the middle, the King of Sweden had planted a sepcial cache just for us to solve – which took flippin ages, mostly because just when we thought we were getting close to the end, we discovered there were three more stages to go!

The pub was nice too, with a Sock Puppet contest, a geocaching quiz, a wordsearch and Secret Santa. If you’re ever in Ringwood wanting a warm welcome, and decent food and drink, we recommend The London Tavern. Oh, and on the way home I was invited to visit the home on Candice and Adrian (the cachers known as Rincewind and Luggage) and their nine cats!

Sorry this one’s a bit brief but I’ve got loads to do tonight and it’s back to work tomorrow…

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