The Third Day of Christmas

Today I have been mostly buggering about.

Just before Christmas, one of my geocaches was reported as having been vandalised, so this morning I went over to Eling to check it out: Sure enough, major devastation, not to mention a man riding up and down on a motorbike (without number plates, so almost certainly without tax or insurance either), and the kind of litter strewn around that you wouldn’t want your children – or anyone else, for that matter – to find. So, Waterside Wander no longer exists, although I did find a hiding place for Waterside Wander II which will appear as soon as I can get myself organised. Meanwhile, clicking on the link over on the right hand side will bring up “The story of Waterside Wander”.

And the rest of the day was spent continuing the over-eating of the last few days…

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