Happy Clappy Christmas

The first bit of today’s blog is a bit churchy, so you may want to zip through that bit…

I went to the midnight service last night: Our church is a bit Charismatic (what is popularly known as “Happy Clappy”), although our new vicar is trying to pull us back a bit more to the mainstream, which makes things a bit bizarre sometimes. I was the only server there last night, and the vicar decided to use the High Altar for communion – I can’t remember when I last served at High Altar (we normally use a smaller one in the middle of the congregation) but it’s at least two years, and I couldn’t remember where anything went or what order it all happened. Luckily this was the vicar’s first Christmas with us and he thought all my mistakes were local custom that he ought to be learning. Oh, and the sound desk blew up just before the service, which the worship band found a bit inconvenient.

The service finished at half past midnight, so by the time I’d cleared away, and left the communion gear ready for this morning it was well past one before I got home, and quite a bit later before I was in bed. That’s my excuse for not getting up till nealry ten this morning: I took my Mum for Chrimbo dinner at our favourite carvery – this is a Christmas tradition dating back to when my Dad stopped being a hotel chef, and announced that he was never cooking on Christmas Day ever again. I suppose cooking a hundred Christmas dinners while your own family wait for you at home would diminish your enthusiasm for the activity.

Then Mum and I spent the rest of the afternoon digesting, trying to stay awake, and opening our presents. Oh, and whinging about the rubbish on the telly.

Once again, Merry Chrimblymass to all our readers!

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