Dangerous Loony

My friend dun a Good Thing.

I can’t say any more than that – the story made the local and national press, and my friend doesn’t want to be identified as the person referred to in the story, so I can’t say anything that might help anyone put two and two together. But she, and all those close to her, know who she is and what she did. I’m proud that my friend did the Right Thing!

Update: My friend came out in her blog, so I can say publicly: Well done Sarah for grassing up the bogus charge nurse! It seems like you helped take a dangerous loony off the streets.

Today I managed to finish work at 2PM, by the simple expedient of downing tools, locking up, and running. My chums the Tates have a geocache called “Porta-Cache”. It’s quite a novel idea, Bob has a tracker in his car, and the car itself is the cache container: When you see him parked somewhere, you can go and find the car, then send him a text message saying you want to log the cache. He comes out, opens the car, and you sign the logbook and do your swaps – great! Anyway, my screen revealed that the car was outside their house all morning, although this wasn’t actually true – apparently Sarah had done something odd to the computer system so it wasn’t being updated. It didn’t matter because Bob got to their house about five minutes after I did, and as the rubbish picture shows, I logged the Porta-Cache.

And now I’m gossiping in the chatroom with Morty, in a minute I’ll be tussling with the RiddleMule once again, and later it’ll be time to head for church. Merry Christmas Everybody!

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