Slip Out a Quick One

You’re only getting a quick one tonight I’m afraid (oo-er missus).

SimonG was burning the midnight oil last night, and since he was resolving problems with my fantastic map plotting thing, I kind of felt obliged to burn it with him. And while I’m really grateful for his efforts, it meant I got to bed much later than is my wont, and then slept really crappily anyway. Today was a bit of a rubbish day – I’ve been popping the painkillers like they were Smarties – and just as I was resolving to do a quick blog and then turn the computer off, that evil PuzzleDonkey – aided and abetted by Minxy Mort – popped up and robbed me of my evening.

Bad thing today – apart from feeling rubbish – was hearing about SimonG’s burglary. If anyone is offered a GPS cheap, please beat the c**p out of the little scrote offering it and get Simon his GPS back. Oh, and his MP3 player.

Good things today – discovering there’s another geocaching blogger come online (welcome Mr Hedgehog); Four Chrimbo cards, including excellent personalised ones from Simon, MMM and my mate Gill; and spending an evening thrashing the RiddleMule with Becky’s help.

And best thing of all today – I am going to have an early night. G’night all.

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