Shiny New Feature

Well, not a shiny new feature really, just an old one made easier to use.

Over there on the right you’ll see a link to the “Chelsea TractorTracker”, which uses GPS, a ham radio system called APRS, and the internet to provide you with a map of my current location. The maps it led to previously weren’t much use, really, and although there were better maps available, it was a bit of a fiddle for the user (i.e. you) to get to them.

Now, thanks to the wonderful SimonG, the fiddling about is automated and all you have to do is click on the link, and you go straight to the useful map. It should prove to be zoomable as well. (EDIT: If it isn’t working when you try it – although it is at the moment – I know! I need to persuade Mongers to fix his rubbish script) I’ll put a similar link in for the WalkerStalker, as soon as that’s behaving itself again. Meanwhile, my other website (the forerunner of this one) is looking well out-of-date and I must make it an early priority to do some updating.

And speaking of websites, I’ve been meaning for a while to launch a site called something like “”, which would just be photos of badly-parked cars. Unfortunately, due to disorganisedness, I’ve only got around to taking two pictures so far – anyone who’d like to send me a few digital snaps, to the usual email address, is welcome to do so – please include a few comments about when and where you took it.

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