Tesco Clubcard Vouchers: Bonus Points for Loyalty or The Devil’s Work?

Needless to say, today’s title was suggested by birthday boy The King of Sweden.

I actually did go to Tesco this morning: I needed some diesel, and my Mum had asked me to get her some shopping, so I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone. I have to admit I ended up buying some stuff I didn’t need, because I had some “bonus points” vouchers. So, as well as Hot Chocklit and ketchup, I also got biscuits and herbal tea. Oh well, it’ll all keep.

To my surprise, I discovered some of my Hospital Radio colleagues outside Tesco, waving collecting tins: I knew we were having a collecting day this weekend, but I thought it was yesterday. I put a quid in the Chairman’s tin anyway, so that was OK.

So anyway, given the choice between going to church (for the little kids’ nativity play) and going to Tesco, the fact that I had Clubcard vouchers to use made the decision. So, Tesco ClubCard stopped me going to church.

I think that about wraps it up. Although I’m going to the carol service this evening.

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