Here’s a smashing pic of me wot I took in my office the other day. As you can see I’m wearing a lovely Santa hat, complete with Santa’s hair, which I found in the bottom of my desk drawer, along with a load of Christmas decs which I have no intention of putting up. I didn’t wear the hat for long either – the hair was a bit scratchy on my bald patch, and the hat was a bit sticky and unpleasant, which I later discovered to be the effect of some year-old gone-off banananana mank.

It’s very scarey in the lower reaches of my desk drawers.

Today I left work bang on the stroke of pretty early and headed for a new geocache close by: I’d calculated that I had time to drive to the recommended parking and walk the mile to the cache, and still have fifteen minutes or so of daylight left to find the cache. The problem of walking back in the pitch dark would be solved when the time came. In the end it was totally dark by the time I got to the copse the cache is hidden in, so I thrashed around in the dark for a while before giving up, and finding a longer, but street-light-illuminated, route back to the car.

Still, I got covered in mud and had a 3 mile walk, so it wasn’t all bad :-)

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