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Today I broke the internet.

Actually, you’ve probably guessed that that’s a bit of an exaggeration: What happened was that I was alerted by a text message (thanks Rob) that my blog site had stopped working. I fired off a quick e-mail to – the nice people who have given my blog a home, in exchange for three crisp fivers a year – and within ten minutes had my reply. Editing out the death threats leaves us with:
This site has been suspended for breach of terms and conditions that you agreed to on signup:
Not to implement any such tool that allows anonymous users to use your site as a web proxy.
Your site has a cgi-proxy running on it which so far since 4 am(approx) today has registered 67,000 hits

67,000 is an awful lot, but there wasn’t much I could do: I had indeed installed a “secret” (or so I thought) proxy server for my own use: In my defence I thought that as it was secret (i.e. only I knew where it was) it didn’t contravene the terms about anonymous users and I was OK. I’d reckoned without the ingenuity of those who would use the internet for nefarious ends, and obviously someone had found out about it big time!

Anyway, the secret script is now gone and 34sp were very efficient in getting me back on line – and in spite of my comment above about death threats, they were actually very courteous and pleasant to deal with. The King of Sweden says they’ll probably send someone round to stuff electric eels down my trousers, but you know me – always ready for a new experience.

Oh, and have a look at the “Who’s who” page – I’ve added a couple of pics. If it looks totally freaky, let me know in the comments, with the best description you can give, and let me know which web browser you’re using (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox etc)

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