Lexicographical Jigsaw

Being stuck for a blog subject, I asked the chatroom crowd for some random words:

20:55 MMM: santa
20:55 Omally: weasels gonads
20:55 MMM: cosmic
20:55 SimonG: Qualia
20:55 MMM: smarties
20:55 MMM: show-off *to simon*
20:55 SimonG: melanin
20:56 Omally: gin
20:56 paul g0tlg: *looks up “Qualia”*
20:56 MMM: cheesecake
20:56 paul g0tlg: I think those will do for now

We have this notice board at Hospital Radio – for some reason a note has appeared on it recently, advertising a vacancy for a Santa for children’s parties. Why they think any of us would be interested in being Santa is beyond me – although it does remind me of the time we needed a Santa to tour the kids’ wards, and picked on possibly the slimmest Hospital Radio member ever! Everyone loaned pillows to pad out the Santa suit.

What’s next? Weasel’s gonads, when blasted by cosmic radiation, tend to have the qualia of non-functioningness. Oh, and my favourite cheesecake recipe includes gin, and has Smarties sprinkled all over the top.

And finally: Melanin. This is the substance in skin that makes it go dark when you go out in the sun. I was going to relate the story about the moth that changes colour depending on whether it’s living in a polluted area (where tree bark is dark) or a clean one where bark is light, but I couldn’t be arsed. Read an A-level genetics text book for the details.

I’m glad that’s over. I promise I’ll never ask the chatroom crowd for a blog subject again.

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