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The first task of today was to visit the barber and get my flowing locks tidied. That didn’t take long.

Then it was time to start my day’s caching adventure! First on the list for today was Banjo and Barrow, a walk around a bronze age settlement in some woods, with information boards along the way explaining what the remains all mean. Lovely and atmospheric, especially as the mist hadn’t burned off yet, although slightly spoiled by the teenage yobs rampaging through the woods making stupid noises because they’d never heard an echo before.

Next was north to the village shown in the picture to visit St. Mary’s, a nice simple cache in the churchyard of a no-longer-used church. Rather alarmingly the churchyard is used to graze sheep, who followed me around while I was finding the cache, and then to the gate as I was leaving.

After a cup of coffee and a packet of Malteasers (won in last night’s quiz), I went on to Friars Rock Revisited, a multi-cache through some nice woods high on the Hampshire downs. it was while I was doing this one that the King of Sweden sent me a text message to tell me he’d done my “A Walk in the Park” cache! Back at the car park, and another cup of coffee and a Danish pastry before moving on to the last one of the day.

I had a crack at Full Steam Ahead a couple of weeks ago, while I was on the way down to Kent, but wrote down the wrong information at one of the locations, and got no further. This time I had no problems and finished it off. It’s a lovely walk around a Georgian town, followed by a ramble out into the countryside for the final location. In all I walked just over five miles today, and I really wish I hadn’t lost my “Free with Walkers Crisps” pedometer a couple of days ago – it would have been interesting to see how many paces that panned out to.

Then I went home via the pub (for a meal) and the gym (to sit in the steam room). Goodnight all.

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