Well, it appears to be the last day of my holiday, and apart from next Monday (of which more nearer the time), my last day off of the year. To anyone who knows me even slightly well, it’ll come as no surprise to know that I achieved only a tiny fraction of what I intended to: My main target for the week-and-a-bit was to complete the geocache Grockles Gumbo: Here Be Treasure!, and although I managed 14 caches (plus three trig points), that wasn’t one of them.

So, tomorrow it’s back to work, and I’m plunging right back into the period-end paperwork: Regular readers will know just how much I love that little task! Still, the damp problem notwithstanding I’ve enjoyed the week and Christmas isn’t THAT far away – ooh, and I had a letter today which made me think of Summer holidays, and that’s even better. Better yet than that was an email from Mark the Buddhist confirming the date of his nuptials with the lovely June.

And tonight at Hospital Radio we’re having another of our Chinese takeaway nights, celebrating Mark’s (different one) safe return from Florida. Verily my cup overfloweth – which can only add to the damp.

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