Oh. I seem to have forgotten to blog on Saturday. Actually I didn’t, Saturday night I was without Internet access, in spite of my best efforts wrestling with a BT Openzone connection which wouldn’t connect.

Anyway, the main event of the weekend was in Kent: My chums Gill and Geoff celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary this Wednesday, so today they renewed their marriage vows in church, this being followed by a bring and share lunch in the room at the back of the church. As you can see from the pic, there was cake…there was also a room full of people, all there to share the happy occasion with the two G’s and their families. The wedding album was doing the rounds, including some pics of Geoff when he had more hair than he does now – I didn’t manage to copy any of the pics, but here are some pictures of Lewis Collins in “The Professionals” to give you an idea.

Of course I couldn’t travel that far from home without some caching, so on the way up I collected A Very Worthy Cache, a new one planted near me a couple of days ago. I also did Ockham Common, the one which I failed to find on the day of the Raynet Zone AGM, and another nearby cache, Cobham’s Quest.

And after all that excitement, I’m for an early night!

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