Gertcha, Cowson!

Today’s title is taken from a Chas ‘n Dave song – you’ll see the reason for it before we finish.

I have a builder coming to look at my damp problem, but not until this evening, so another day’s geocaching was possible! I went to the Andover area, and firstly did Buryed Treasure 1 (that’s not a spelling mistake, that’s how it’s spelt in the cache name and there is a reason for it!). It was a bit spooky trudging through the mist, with the distant booming of the artillery on Salisbury Plain. Then I went and failed to find the last stage of Little Toe’s Trilogy Part 1, the mighty multi that I was doing yesterday. I did get a trig point while I was there, though!

Then on to The Physician’s Stone, where the photo at the top of the entry was taken, followed by Buryed Treasure 2, from where I could hear the helicopters at the School of Army Flying warming up.

The last cache for the day was another multi, Quantum Leap Part 1, an interesting puzzle and a nice walk around an iron age hill fort. Four helicopters from the flying school were buzzing around all the time, adding to the interest (sorry, but I like helicopters). As the picture shows, when I got back to the Gruntmobile, it had been surrounded by little bullocks who weren’t too happy about giving me my car back – closer inspection revealed that they’d been rubbing up against it and covering it in mud.

At least, I hope it was mud.

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