A Day of Two Halves

Today I spent the morning sitting at my PeeCee doing odd jobs (like writing a fabbo quiz) and waiting for the builder to arrive. He came, he peered, he said “Ooh, I’ve never seen damp like that before”. Then he left. I’ve got a proper builder coming to look tomorrow.

As soon as he’d gone, I grabbed my boots, leaped into the Gruntmobile and headed for the hills – well, North West Hampshire, to be exact. I did the remaining intermediate stages of the multicache “Little Toe’s Trilogy part 1″ (which I started on Sunday) but because of the late start I ran out of daylight before I could go on and do the last bit. One day…still, I walked 5 miles, so it was all good exercise. Just a shame that when I changed into my caching trousers I forgot to put the pedometer on.

And in all the excitement of yesterday I forgot to mention that I had a phone call from the hospital about my wrist: I can have my operation much sooner (although they still haven’t said how soon) if I agree to have it done at a private hospital in Salisbury, rather than wait for NHS closer to home. That’s fine by me, and when I mentioned it in the chatroom, one of my kind chummingtons volunteered to assist with transport, as I won’t be able to drive straight after the op.

Aren’t people nice?

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