Crowds and Quiet

It seems I only finished one blog about ten minutes ago, now I’m posting again. This is the real Saturday blog!

After I finished talking to you all this morning, the postman brought me a nice surprise – you’ll recall I had a surprisingly good exam result a couple of weeks ago, well today, I had my first piece of mail with my new letters after my name! OK, it was only some training information and a magazine, but it still counts!

After that excitement it was Tesco time: I didn’t wanna do it, but the need for petrol drove me out, then I discovered I was low on sad person microwave meals for one, so that sent me into the store. I have NEVER seen Tesco so full! Old people, people with brats in pushchairs, and those gormless little kids who see you wanting to get through, and just stand there staring at you. The good thing was that while I was there, I discovered a solitary portion of Y Fenni: This is a welsh cheese with mustard grains in, recommended to me by Mark the Buddhist, and at last I’ve got some.

Anyway, suitably stocked with freezer food, cheese, pick ‘n mix, tomato sauce, sweetener, and (of course) Orange and Passion Fruit j2o, I escaped and returned home. The rest of the day was spent in happy gadgeteering, making some new software run on the iPaq, enjoying the smell of hot solder, and listening to my CDs of Robert Rankin, referenced earlier.

And now it’s time to go and have some of that Y Fenni with a pork pie for my supper. See you anon, gentle reader…

Choc stats: A couple of mint choc thingies from the pick ‘n mix. There’ll probably be a finger of Twix later.

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